Welcome to the Happy 18th Birthday site

When your children are born, or young, reserve them an email address here. It's never too late to start this.

Throughout the years send them stories, photos, notes, kudos,
and anything else pertinent to their growing up. Email them about their accomplishments, their downfalls, their strengths, weaknesses, who their current friends are, what they did for enjoyment, and basically just a full life history of their life from birth to adulthood.

On their 18th Birthday give them the login page and password.

Tell their Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles to do the same. They can purchase their own email address for the child or they can participate in yours if you give them the email address you choose. But remember, you are responsible for that address so keeping it secure from the public is always a good thing. Your Child will be astounded by reading all their history. Many stories have been lost and told to me over my life and now 60 years old I know a lot has been missed out and forgotten.

My Mom journals and I'm sure she'd have a Best Seller if she was to make that into a book. She has our scrapes and falls, what the weather was like daily, how we progressed in school, what illnesses we had, who was at our birthday parties, and so on and so on.

Imagine being the child and turning 18 to be presented an open book on their life since birth. What their favorite colors were, who their first love was, which teachers they had, their first fall on their bicycle, what foods they liked, what illnesses they had and medications they took, vaccinations, who their friends were and if they still hang around with them.

This is probably the most cool & least expensive gift you can give them.

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How this works and important information:

For the price of just $16.00 per year you have only one responsibility, to send emails to this person. At any time you can come back here to cancel this gift.

Your easy signup is done through any Major Credit Card or PayPal. When you choose your name it'll be like myname@happy18th.org because all email addresses will end in @happy18th.org. If the name is already used I'll contact you and we'll make an alteration to make it work. I'd probably start with the full first, middle, and last name without any spaces in between because John is extremely common but JohnSmith cuts the odds down substantially and JohnEdwardSmith cuts it way down that it'll be duplicated.

To get started all you need to do is give me your 3 top name choices in order of the most preferred being the first one, just in case the name you choose is already in use. Then click the Subscribe button. This is set up through the Secured PayPal site and because this is on a subscription basis you'll be asked to set up a Free basic PayPal account. That makes it easy for you to pay or cancel at any time.

That will send me a notification that an Order was Placed and I will email you back your complete email address and password as well as simple instructions on how to change your password to your own preference (recommended). That's it, you can start send emails tomorrow.

ONLY $16.00 Per Year, Start Today!



We have a secured site with the space to hold all your emails. Up to 500MB and that's a lot of emails. Easily expandable if needed.

Every 3 months we email you a reminder in case life gets too busy and you forget to write. There's no obligation for you to write and the account remains open as long as the $16.00 per year is paid. But it would just work out so much better if the child had a lot to read.

No need for you to check in or use the account every so often to keep it active. The $16.00 a year does that for you. On some of the huge commercial servers you have to keep it active or it automatically deletes your stored emails and access. That doesn't happen here, it stays open as long as you want it to.

Will google, hotmail, twitter, and all those places be around or will they be bought out or bankrupt in 18 years? I already have my children in place to take over this site when I'm long gone and they'll be educating their kids on how to run it as well. The desire and want to keep families tight and together is our mission.

The email is accessed through the web meaning you can send emails by desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, or cell phone. How many times have you been in a doctor appointment or somewhere waiting forever. Now you can compose and send email to your child's account and relieve that boredom.

You could write your own journal for your kids but will you, have you? If you do where will you keep it so they don't find it and where you'll find it in 18 years? If you move, have a fire, get robbed or whatever you will always have your emails here.

Consider this like a time capsule for you AND your child. They won't know many of the events that happened and you'll forget a lot. This is awesome for you both. Family bonding, there is nothing more important in this world.

Are you planning a Family and already know what you'll be naming your children? Grab up their email address early and sit on it until they're born to assure you have the name.

I've been doing these types of activities for over 20 years now and have made a difference in peoples lives and I'll continue that as long as I'm alive and my Family will continue this long after I'm gone.