• The email address you purchase is the sole responsibility of yourself. If you choose to pass it on to others so they can send emails to it that's entirely up to you but I have no responsibility of what gets entered into any email account.
  • You should occasionally go into your account and view what's in there. Although we take all the caution we can when it comes to spam and unwanted email we cannot monitor it all.
  • This is a Family oriented site so there should never be anything emailed to these account that are deemed unfit. Because of the nature of this site, and what we feel is our moral obligation, we do have the right to view any accounts that seem suspicious or have compalints against.
  • Should we ever find anything illegal, pornographic, bullying, spamming, luring, or anything that breaks the code of decency we will report and work with law officials to seek these types of people out and deal with them to the fullest extent of the law.
  • I will email each account approximately four times a year just to be sure you remember you have it.
  • Unlike the huge email hosting companies I do not collect any data from your usage so I can sell it to the corporate world. Unlike them I will never monitor your Internet habits and then have targeted advertising come your way. Like I said on numerous accounts, this is a Family site geared toward keeping Families close, using you as a source of greed is not what we're about. Our rewards come in non monetary ways.


To get started all you need to do is choose your payment option below. Then give me your 3 top name choices in order of most preferred being the first one, just in case the name you chose is already in use. Then click the Subscribe button. You can pay with your regular Credit Card if you don't have a PayPal account but because this is on a subscription basis you'll be asked to set up a Free basic PayPal account. That makes it easy for you to cancel at any time.

That will send me a notification that an Order was Placed and I will email you back your complete email address and password as well as simple instructions on how to change your password to your own preference (recommended). That's it, you can start send emails tomorrow.

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